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by / Tuesday, 11 October 2016 / Published in Afghan, Carpet, Chobe, Modern
Modern carpet

Todays rug of the week is not one of ours. We offer cleaning and repair as a service and this little gem came into our shop for a little spritzing. She is absolutely lovely. A modern rug, from Afghanistan, woven in “Chobe” wool, beautiful, bright and shiny vegetable dyes, with  funky repeating patterns across three panels. As lovers of the weaving artform, we thought we would share this little rug with you. Note the decorative fringe – bound in different colours. It is so refreshing to see a rug like this – with motifs that have been taken from traditional Caucasian patterns and then reworked into this unique modern original. This persons ancestors probably came from the Caucus region (Kazakstan, Daghestan, Uzbekistan etc). These people have settled in Afghanistan and make rugs in the style of their ancestral tribes. With all the upheaval in the area, Afghanistan is actually a melting pot, with tribes from many of the surrounding areas having settled there.

Many of the people weaving these rugs have never learned even the most basic art or drawing skills and yet this person has created a new and original masterpiece of their own. One artist to another – I salute you. Thanks to the customer for allowing me to use the picture.

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