Old Afghan Baluch

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Carpet code: 34023
Carpet width: 2
Carpet height:

We scoured the markets in Pakistan to find as many of these older rugs as we could. It is still in excellent condition and has aged beautifully.

Camels are important to Baluchi tribes and the camel print, as well as (very occasionally) camel hair, is used in the creation of their rugs. Balouch rugs can be made on a foundation of cotton or wool, goat hair is often used in the weft. The ‘camel print’ or ‘gul’ repeat medallions are common in Baluchi rugs although various other designs are produced. Dark reds or blue backgrounds often contrast with white, ivory, yellow or orange patterns. Baluchi rugs are soft and flexible yet extremely resilient and have a real feeling of age and history behind them. They are sought after in the West due to their tribal appeal.