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Carpet code: 33316
Carpet width: 2.1
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The city of Joshagan is located on the road that goes from Isfahan to Teheran, in the big, Varganeh valley. It is a small town that has a very old tradition of rug-making, indeed there is documented evidence of rug-makers working here in the 17th century. Some of the early specimens are conserved in important museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Golestan Museum in Teheran. Rugs from Joshagan are easily recognizable since the decorative pattern that developed in this area has remained practically unchanged over the centuries. The background is usually a deep red that contrasts with a dark blue that we find in the corner-pieces and on the borders. In the centre of the rug there is a diamond-shaped medallion with a four-petal flower. The field is decorated with alternating diamond-shapes and four-petal flowers that can recall cruciform motifs. Sometimes there are stylized weeping willows in the corner-pieces or on the borders. Although the workmanship is not very refined, these rugs have strong structures these two factors make them sturdy and inexpensive.

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