All Chobe’s less 35% from 7 April to 11 April!

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All our Chobe’s are on a special sale! We have SO much stock, PLEASE come and take a look!

Millars stock - Chobe 036 (1)

4 Responses to “All Chobe’s less 35% from 7 April to 11 April!”

  1. Rejeane says : Reply

    HI there.

    I love the chobe under your current special page.

    I am looking for approximately 2.5 x 3m’s and I want to find out if you have this specific colour in stock and what the price would be.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Thea Auret says : Reply

    measurements 3 x 4 meters Chobe carpet

  3. Michaela says : Reply

    Hi. Do you have any chobes with a bit of blue colouring for up to R5000 on special? Size can be 2m x 1m or 2mx 3m

  4. Heska Becker says : Reply

    I am looking for a round carpet not bigger than 1.5m in diameter

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